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The ugliest word in the English language

Well, there sure was a hot time in the old town last night! At the Writers’ Salon I presented my holy card of Katherine Drexel.  Daughter of a wealthy family, she founded an order of nuns to minister to the most disadvantaged in America at that time, the Native and Afro-Americans.  She and her sisters […]

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The “almost saints”

My apologies dear readers for the long delay in updating ye olde blog, but I have a good excuse…actually the best of all excuses for a writer – I was writing!  I’ve added a few more saints to holy cards, volume 2, and in so doing, my research uncovered a curious thing.  There are ensconced […]

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Groovin’ at The Mudpuppy

Yours ever faithfully has just accepted an invitation to read at “Beat Night at The Mudpuppy” on Saturday, February 12.  For those of you not hip to the lingo, “Beat Night” refers to an evening of poetry and music, a throwback to the beatnik gatherings of the 50’s and early 60’s – social precursors to the hippie generation.  And […]

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Books, wonderful books!

Everyone out there who recognized the title to this post as a takeoff  on “Food, Wonderful Food” from the musical Oliver! get a gold star out of petty cash and plant it on your forehead.  It is my considered opinion that books are a particularly delectable form of food for the mind and the spirit and, in […]

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