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Mudpuppy, mudpuppy, I love you! Yes I do!

Apologies to Tom Jones.  The Mudpuppy Gallery’s second Beat Night was another great success!  It was held on Saturday at the Downtown Expresso Cafe because the Gallery was full to capacity last time.  But the Cafe was jam-packed Saturday night, even with the addition of extra chairs.  Clearly Amherstburgers LOVE their poetry and received every […]

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Preachings and teachings and readings, oh my!

Well, my idea of a quiet summer ahead in which I could turn out the next great Canadian novel, seems to have vanished in just the last few days.  To start with, I’ll be reading again at the Mudpuppy Gallery’s  Beat Night, Saturday, May 28, starting at 7:00 pm., only this time it will be held across […]

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