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In this month named for a Caesar, a little mouse takes her rest

For me, July is over. Yes, it’s only the 29th, but all my obligations are finally over. Truly, this must count as the busiest July ever. On the 3rd, I sang a beautiful arrangement of I Am Not Afraid because, well, I loved the irony. There I was, knees vibrating like a tuning fork, chirping […]

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Still not too late

Well folks, preaching at St. Andrew’s Church these past two weeks was an almighty blast! I enjoyed it immensely! Such a wonderfully supportive community! I know I’m gushing but how often in life do we find places of such love and caring? We are just so blessed when we do. And just to let you […]

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Make that 96

Alrighty. Here’s the problem. I updated my browser and now it seems I can’t access certain areas of my blog. QuickPress is still available, but I can’t use italics in QuickPress, and God help me I LOVE my italics! But until I can figure out these compatibility issues this is how it’s gotta be. So […]

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95th time’s a charm

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