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So that’s what it feels like to get hacked!

Greetin’s y’all!  Yesterday, my lovely web site was taken over by person or persons unknown.  I was alerted to this situation by my ever-vigilant sister Chris, whereupon I contacted my web master extraordinaire, David, who sprung into action immediately.  The web site was back in operation within a couple of hours.  Many thanks to both […]

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Ah gentle readers, a most wonderful thing is occurring – I’m being haunted again. I’m writing a new book of poetry, and the work is going so well, I can hardly believe it! I’m resolved not to reveal the topic until I have 20 poems written, but I’m being haunted by images and phrases day […]

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Laughing Through a Second Pregnancy

Just to let y’all know that Vanessa Shields, author of Laughing Through a Second Pregnancy, will be reading at Chapters in the Devonshire Mall this Saturday, August 13th at 1 p.m.  Don’t miss this chance to meet Vanessa and purchase a copy of her wonderful book.  This ain’t your mother’s pregnancy book for sure! Also, […]

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The power of compassion

When my friend called me last night at around 9 p.m. I was stunned!  She was calling from home!  When did lumpectomy become an outpatient procedure?  In any event, she said the surgery and all the tests that went before proceeded “like clockwork,” and that she was so calm throughout everything it felt “like it […]

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