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Slipping off the radar

In the two weeks prior to the Cafe and this week following, I’ve been able to do no writing. Zero. Understandable, I guess. There were hundreds of details to manage in putting the Cafe together, and that’s time consuming, as you may well imagine. But it wasn’t the fact that I had no time to […]

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Stories from the Cafe

Two events really stand out from the Poetry Cafe on Saturday, I suppose because I have a personal connection with both. The first concerns a lovely lady from my choir I have invited numerous times to attend my poetry readings, but for one reason or another has never been available to attend.  A few days […]

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Cafe St. Andrew

Mercy!  What an experience last Saturday was! A blustery fall day turned into a warm and joyous afternoon with seven poets reading to a packed hall.  It was simply ahhh-some! Let’s start with the hall, shall we?  Two women from my church, Debra and Nancy, took it upon themselves to transform our little church hall […]

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St. Andrew’s Poetry Cafe

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church will be hosting a poetry cafe this Saturday, Oct. 15th, at 2:00 pm., 129 Simcoe St., Amherstburg. We’re calling it “An Afternoon with Black Moss Press and Friends,” and featured readers will include Marty Gervais, Mary Ann Mulhern, Carlinda D’Alimonte, Robert Earl Stewart, John White, Vanessa Shields and yours ever faithfully. […]

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