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And now, for a very special Christmas present……

Colonoscopy.  Mm-hm.  Bet ya didn’t see that comin’. Yes gentle readers, almost five years have gone past since my last colon screening and so it was time to face the music once again.  But it took me four months to get an appointment with my GI guy, so I figured when I saw him this […]

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Can I get an amen?!

In the spirit of “no good deed ever goes unpunished,” I was invited yesterday to preach again during the summer at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Amherstburg.  Only, unlike last year, I won’t be in the pulpit for a couple of Sundays, but rather the entire month of July and possibly a week in June.  […]

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A rose by any other name

So, the writing of the new manuscript is coming along, but I had to change the title.  Love Stronger than Death: The Passion of Mary Magdalene was just too wordy and high-falutin’.  Besides, everyone was referring to it as The Magdalene Poems, so I took that as a sign from You-Know-Who to make the alteration.  […]

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Like a mosquito in a nudist camp…

…I know what I ought to do, but I don’t know where to begin!  I came across this quote by Stephen Bayne this morning and I thought it apropos of my current situation.  However, dear readers, you’ll be pleased to know I am getting caught up, albeit slowly. The last weekend in November saw me […]

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