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How do you make an author smile?

Give her book a five star review, that’s how!  A reader at rated holy cards: dead women talking worthy of five stars and added this lovely little review:  “Wow…irreverent, unique and beautifully presented.”  Aw, how sweet!  My first review and it’s a rave! There’s going to be a big toothy grin plastered on my […]

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The unexpected beauty of Cowboys and Aliens

The mister and I rented the movie Cowboys and Aliens on Sunday, mostly because we wanted to see how the writers would reconcile two such disparate entities, and because, as I explained to the mister, any movie with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford can’t be all bad. And it wasn’t.  It wasn’t bad at all.  […]

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Happy New Mattress!

Yup, you read that right.  The mister and I decided to start off the New Year with a new mattress.  Our other one wasn’t all that old, but both of us had been noticing various aches and pains, especially in the morning, and with the lack of other suspects, we decided to blame the mattress.  […]

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