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I am a great believer in the timing of things.  Although I may not understand why things happen when they do, I don’t believe anything happens by accident.  And sometimes, more often of late for some reason, I actually get to see the wonderful timing of the universe. For instance, I no sooner had finished […]

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When books come into my hands…

…good things happen! So many times I’ve had a question or an interest in something, or I’m feeling stymied or stonewalled in my writing, and a book will come to me one way or another and I’m left breathless by its appropriateness and shockingly precise timing. In the past week or so, I’ve started reading […]

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The power of poetry

Rilke’s Book of Hours will tear me to shreds.  I know this from just the few samples I’ve read in the introduction.  His subtitle is Love Poems to God, but these are no sentimental musings.  They  pierce my skin and worm their way into my flesh.  I’ll never be rid of them, never be the […]

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A positive energy cycle

I’m expecting a delivery of books in a couple days – Rilke’s Book of Hours and Wiman’s Every Riven Thing.  Our beloved church organist gave me a gift card for Chapters a few weeks ago, and I was absolutely astonished!  Why on earth…? Well, she said, things had not been going well for her lately.  […]

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