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A synchronicitous morning

So yesterday my book finally arrived, the book I won in a little contest Vanessa Shields ran on her blog a couple of weeks ago.  Vanessa is a dear friend and something of a scamp and she addressed the package to “The Fabulous Penny-Anne Beaudoin” – which accounted for my postman staring me up and […]

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The big question

I have been receiving so much support for my current work in progress, The Magdalene Poems, I feel like I’m riding a wave!  My dear sister Chris after reading my last post about my concern over the slow pace of the work, thought an exquisite e-card would lift my spirits.  She was quite right, as […]

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In a word, “slowly.”

That was my response last week when someone asked me how The Magdalene Poems were progressing.  Yesterday, I completed a trilogy of poems for the new collection, but even at that I am still far below the halfway point, and come August, I’ll have been working on it for a year. I was unprepared for […]

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One giant leap

Amherstburg no longer has a laundromat.  Imagine!  The Amherstburg Laundromat has been a fixture for as long as I’ve out here and that’s close to a quarter century.  And the mister says it been in operation for as long as he can remember and that goes back quite a ways longer than a quarter century.  […]

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