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And now, for a little change of pace

Yesterday completed my five week preaching rotation, and I must say I had THE MOST fun!  Yup, it was actually fun!  Of course I had the perfect congregation listening to me – attentive, affirming, and patient, oh so patient!  Their positive energy carried me through, almost literally so.  I had plans to be strong, healthy […]

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A nutty gift

The temperatures in my neck of the woods have been beastly these past couple weeks.  We’ve had several days of 100 degree temps, and that’s without the humidex added in!  The AC has been blasting non-stop, there isn’t a lawn in the neighbourhood that’s survived, and all nature seems overwhelmed by the onslaught of this […]

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Trying to do two things at once

…and failing! Yes gentle readers, while it may be true the good Lord designed human beings to be multi-taskers, it would appear when it came to me, he smiled that omniscient smile of his and said, “There’s a uni-tasker if ever I saw one!” I’ve been trying to juggle preaching and writing, and after a […]

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What I’m doing on my summer vacation

Going to school mostly.  And learning all about writing. A while back, I mentioned that I’d won a book in a contest Vanessa Shields was running on her website.  It was called “Writing Down the Bones” by Natalie Goldberg.  I just finished it a couple days ago, and it was wonderful!  Reading that book changed […]

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