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The Mister – truly one of a kind

One thing I can say after 23 years of marriage to The Mister – it’s never been boring. We were watching TV a few evenings ago, when I noticed what appeared to be dried blood under The Mister’s nose. “Hey Pa,” I said, “your nose is bleeding!” “Really?” he replied without looking away from the […]

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One true sentence

A couple of days ago, I thought I had the beginnings of a new poem.  I was excited because, as I said in an earlier post, I’ve been experiencing some trouble transitioning from preaching mode back to writing mode.  I came to my writing desk, wrote out the line, and waited for the rest of […]

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She’s good, folks!

A while back, I asked Vanessa Shields, writer/editor extraordinaire, if she would share something about her writing process on her website .  Her loves me, so her said “Why yes!”  It’s posted for y’all to read on her web site under “My Writing Process – Part 1”.  It’s a wonderful insight for writers or […]

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