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BookFest Windsor, 2012

I’m still radiating that BookFest glow and will be for some time to come, I’m sure. On Thursday evening, I was captivated by Marty Gervais’ account of the seventh son of a seventh son, warmed by Peter Hrastovec’s unabashed love of family, alternately tickled and saddened by John B. Lee’s story of the 87 year […]

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A little less of me

Now, I know what you’re thinking. That nasty ole Penny-Anne is bragging about losing a few pounds. Well so what? Big deal! And just who does she think she is anyway?! Steady, gentle reader. I have not, sadly, lost any weight, and that remains a mysterious and ongoing struggle for me. But I did cut […]

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I’m back – kinda

Well folks, this has been a trying time. I just got a new drive installed in my computer, everything turning over nicely, and if I didn’t go and pick up a nasty virus from a web site I trusted. And not just once, but twice! Two purgings, and if my PC tech makes one more […]

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This is a test.

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