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A mighty blessing cycle!

There’s this guy, Jim Palmer, who’s written a fascinating book called, “Divine Nobodies:  Shedding Religion to Find God (and the unlikely people who help you).”  I bought it.  I read it.  And I got a feeling that here was the start of something new, a new way of doing church, a new way of living […]

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Those who see beyond

Last week, I received a “mini-reading” from a medical intuitive.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but simply found the cost prohibitive.  Then I came across an ad for Alison Anton on FaceBook for a free mini-reading if you “liked” her page.  So like it, I did. It took a few […]

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Canines – and I ain’t talkin’ teeth

So I went to visit a friend of mine to give her a little gift for her sister in hospital.  I don’t visit this friend very often, or even at all, because they have a long haired dog, a golden retriever, and I’m allergic.  But the need was great, her sister was very ill, and […]

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Death and The Mister

It’s been a heartbreaking time – two funerals in as many days, one a dear friend and sister choir member.  The church was packed and condolence messages poured in from all over, a wonderful tribute to a gentle and unassuming woman who never uttered a word against anyone nor ever had anyone utter a word […]

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