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Interesting Sunday

Just a couple of hours before the phone rang yesterday, I’d been dreaming about my piano teacher, a dear Roman Catholic nun who took me on as an adult pupil about 15 years ago and tried her best to fan the flames of a very meagre talent. “I was just talking to Sr. Claire,” I […]

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A lovely review for ‘holy cards’

Holy Cards: Dead Women Talking by Penny-Anne Beaudoin (Goodreads Author) Lynn Cheechoo‘s review Jan 18, 13 bookshelves: currently-reading There was never a moment of doubt that I was reading the very words of these holy women and visionaries. With searing insight, loving compassion and uncanny depth Penny-Anne Beaudoin has pierced the psyche and tapped the […]

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Why I never had children

…because I couldn’t remember to take care of my houseplants!  I took that as a clear sign from God motherhood was not for me.  (I kept having this recurring nightmare of looking up after completing the last chapter of my latest bestseller, and seeing the gaunt starving faces of my children gathered around my desk […]

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His eye is on the sparrow

The mister and I had a visitor this morning as we were sitting down to breakfast. A little bird flew into the window, then tried to perch on our neighbour’s fence, but clearly dazed, it fell into the snow and stopped moving. Now my mister is of a kindly disposition and couldn’t bear to see […]

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