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Plink! Plink!

The Mister and I are nearing our twenty-fourth year of wedded bliss.  (He likes to announce this to people and then add, “The first ten years were great!”  How droll.  How very droll.)  And while the word “bliss” might be a tad too, shall we say, rosy?, our connubial cohabitation has managed to file down […]

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So, there’s a new pope in town…

Shore ‘nuf.  And I admit, almost against my will, I did start to get caught up in the joy and hope of Pope Francis’ election.  But that was after I fussed and fumed and had my say about the whole process.  One thing in particular that bothered me, and still does, is the fact that […]

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Time’s a-comin’

Well, lookey there, I see it’s time to brag on myself. Oh yes it is! Cuz I’ve been a busy little bee, and what I feared was going to be a time of great stress and exhaustion, turned out to be a very steady and productive time. Only downside – not a lot of poetry […]

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My most un-favourite month – part 2

I mentioned an “unexpected loss” in my last post.  A very dear friend passed away a couple of weeks ago, just four months after her sister, another dear friend, also died.  We are all reeling from this, none more than the surviving sister who was a tower of strength and love to them both. I […]

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