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The thing about the “Fast Diet” is…

…it’s pretty darn slow! At least so far. This has been our third week on the Fast Diet, two days a week restricting our calories to a paltry 600, and yes I have lost weight, but it’s coming down veeeery sloooowly, and my body fat percentage even slower. I was disappointed until The Mister reminded […]

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Because we’re all Bostonians today…

The Spirit of Boston you tried to make us afraid but we turned and raced TOWARDS the blast you tried to humiliate and bring us low but you are the one who will kneel you shed our blood and took our legs and thought that you had crippled us but we are the Spirit of […]

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The Mister and I are expecting…

…to lose some weight. Oh now, that was a nasty shock to give my gentle readers, wasn’t it?  Sorry.  Just couldn’t resist.  I’ll be good now. But yes, the Mister and I are on a diet. What! I hear you say.  But haven’t you’ve always condemned diets as a waste of time and potentially harmful […]

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Ain’t no way to treat a lady

Work on The Magdalene Poems is progressing well.  I’ve begun donating three, sometimes four afternoons a week to writing and that seems a good balance enabling me to work in my exercise, appointments, reading, and yes, prepare to gasp, housework! Having blocks of concentrated time to write makes it easier to shift into another state […]

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