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This Sunday

So you find yourself in the Burg this Sunday about 10:30 a.m., and you’re thinking, “Gosh, I could really go for a church service right about now!” Well my friend, are you ever in luck! St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 129 Simcoe St. is the place for you. Our minister, Rev. Jobb is at General Assembly […]

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Defending the writing vocation

Our minister is retiring at the end of September. This was unexpected.  I thought she would be with us another five years.  She is a tremendous community builder and the thought of facing the future without her has set us all back on our heels.  But already the community is thinking and talking about what […]

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Because inquiring minds want to know

Yup, well, I wasn’t going to post the second part to “When one faux pas isn’t enough” until later, but it seems a certain faithful reader who shall remain nameless but is my next older sister isn’t going to give me any peace until I do.  So fine. My second stroll down Colour Me Stupid […]

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When one faux pas isn’t enough

Ah gentle readers, stroll with me for a moment down Colour Me Stupid Avenue and let me tell you what Yours Ever Faithfully has been up to. I have a friend and colleague I greatly admire – a superb poet and keen wit. Even though I’m pretty sure he would not mind my using his […]

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