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The lawn

Ah yes, the lawn.  This is turning out to be a bigger project than we’d anticipated. As you no doubt recall, gentle readers, the plan originally called for the replacement of a piece of pipe that lay buried directly in front of our front door.  But when the burly plumber folk left our premises, the […]

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Two big projects

Ahoy, gentle readers!  Been too long since last we chatted, but Yours-Ever-Faithfully has been busy…doing housework!  Yes, you read that right – housework!  Has it come to this? you ask.  Verily, it has. As you know, a week and a half ago, the burly plumbers left our domicile, and although we were soooo pleased to […]

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One way to draw a crowd – Part 2

Let’s see… When we last left our plumbing heroes they had just constructed an impressively deep trench that neatly bisected our front yard.  Whenever any of them jumped into said trench, they completely disappeared from view until they popped out again, like a rabbit from a den.  A rabbit in a hard hat.  A rabbit […]

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One way to draw a crowd

The Mister and I are having plumbling work done – I mean major plumbing work, like backhoes, jack hammers and more burly-looking plumbers than you can shake a pipe wrench at.   We’d been putting off this job for a while.  The sewer pipe in the front yard has collapsed in one area because the tree […]

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