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Catching up

If you were to judge my life by the past four months, you’d never know I was a writer. It’s been goofy, friends, absolutely goofy.  And since I don’t care to be alone in my goofiness, here’s an update:  first, and happily, The Mister and I are about three pounds below our goal weight, so […]

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Sermon – What language shall I borrow?

A professor wrote these words on the board and asked his class to punctuate them – “Woman without her man is nothing.”  All the men in the class punctuated it like this: Woman without her man, [comma] is nothing [period].  All the women in the class punctuated it thusly: Woman: [colon] without her, [comma] man […]

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As if my life weren’t already strange enough…

As many of you know, I’m working on my second collection of poetry, this time about Mary Magdalene, entitled appropriately enough, The Magdalene Poems. Been working on it for over two years now. Well, a little while ago I started reading Anita Shreve’s excellent book, The Weight of Water, one of the finest books I’ve […]

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