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Like the butcher who backed into his meat slicer…

I’m supposed to finish that line with, “I got a little behind in my work.” But although I’m in my fiercely busy season, my work is actually up to date…almost. In addition to all the usual stuff I have to do day by day, January marks the time when I start writing my sermons for […]

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Two words to a younger me

A few days ago, I read a post on FaceBook that said, if you could go back to a younger you, what would you say to them in two words. I was surprised at my reaction. I have a little picture of myself at six years old that sits on the desk in my office. […]

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My second favourite time of the year…

…is when the Christmas season is over. And for me that happens January 1st, New Year’s Day. For many years now it has been my tradition to take down the tree and restore my living room on the first of the year, much to my mother’s everlasting disappointment. “Christmas isn’t over until the Feast of […]

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