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My tale of whoa!

Mothers, gather up your youngins, and sit here beside the fire as I tell a cautionary tale of woe. Oh yes, dear children, listen close and do not do as I have done. Here’s the poop… A while back, a young man came to our door, said he was with the Ontario Energy Board, and […]

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A foot in two kingdoms

Well gentle readers, it’s happened again – someone has expressed displeasure with my book “holy cards: dead women talking.” I find it passing strange that these are the first negative comments I’ve heard about the book, and they’ve come four years after its release. In any event, I felt I needed to say something on […]

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So OK. This past week I thought I would get a lot of writing done on The Magdalene Poems as I had very few outside appointments to take me away from the work. And, I’m happy to report, I did get a lot of writing done…just not poetry. I wrote a story! Do you know […]

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