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Canadian innocence

As you are no doubt aware, Corporal Nathan Cirillo was shot to death as he stood honour guard at the National War Memorial in Ottawa on Wednesday. The gunman then burst into the Centre Block Parliment Building and exchanged numerous rounds of gunfire with police and security, before the Sergeant-At-Arms, Kevin M. Vickers shot and […]

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Getting regulated

I love our little bungalow, I truly do, though sometimes you’d be hard pressed to tell, the way I neglect it. But I’ve resolved to do better, and marrying action to resolution, I armed myself with a container of cement and a trowel, and joined The Mister to patch up the cracks in the basement […]

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Clearing the decks

I’m currently reading The Magic Path of Intuition by Florence Scovel Shinn. I’m reading it because Tosha Silver mentions her as one of her mentors in her own book, Outrageous Openness – (see “This stuff actually works, parts 1 and 2” below). Surprisingly, Ms. Scovel Shinn published her books in the 1920’s, though you wouldn’t […]

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