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Who was that (un)masked man?

I put the tree up yesterday. That’s a little early for me. I like to do it on the Saturday before the First Sunday in Advent, but this weekend is unusually busy for us, so I moved it ahead a day. One must be flexible about these things. As I was tossing on the last […]

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And darkness covered my soul

A few days ago, I learned a friend of mine had been accused of child molestation. Accused. Not convicted. Sad that in a legal system that supposedly considers the accused innocent until proven guilty, in cases of pedophilia, the opposite holds true. His full name and hometown was printed in the papers and online, and […]

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The motivational effect of cat manure

Although The Mister is the chef at Chez Beaudoin, our diets are not identical. I’m a wee bit more plant-based, (though I love my chicken and fish!), where The Mister occasionally leans towards animal protein. As long as he doesn’t overdo it and the meat is lean, I try not to say too much. So […]

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