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For those still thinking inside the box

I had forgotten the Candlelight and Carol Service would include Communion, so we ditched the ride after church and headed straight home. We hung up our coats and I turned on the tree lights and sat myself down on the couch right in front of the box. The Mister stood admiring the tree for a […]

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Presents and puzzles and puppies, oh my!

The Mister and I do not exchange gifts at Christmas. We did it once, the first year we were married, but it felt strange, like we were kinda missing the point somehow. Don’t get us wrong – we enjoy receiving gifts and love giving them, but between us our gift-giving is the keeping of traditions […]

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Eating books

I want to be buried at Chapters Indigo. Let my body be incensed with the smell of new books and Starbuck’s coffee. Let family and friends read over my casket from new releases, Heather’s Picks, and mouldy oldies from the discount bin. Folks chatting each other up, drinking coffee and munching goodies, occasionally wandering off […]

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Best Christmas gift ever

Every year, The Mister and I watch A Charlie Brown Christmas, and every year he complains about it. In my previous post I described how he went out of his way to silence some wind chimes that were keeping me awake, (and the unexpected consequences that followed), and that is typical of my husband, generous […]

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