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Mary: the legacy

The last woman mentioned in Christ’s genealogy is arguably the most significant, certainly the one who had the most direct influence on him, and that is his mother, Mary of Nazareth. The Roman Catholic Church has cultivated a deep reverence for Mary as the Mother of God. Catholics also believe that Mary was conceived without […]

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Bathsheba: of lambs and shepherds

The next woman in the genealogy of Jesus is not called by name, but rather referred to as “the wife of Uriah.” This is very strange because she was (eventually) the wife of David and the mother of Solomon. Why then is she called the wife of Uriah? Perhaps the answer to that will become […]

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Ruth: Outside in

The Book of Ruth comes after the violent and bloody Book of Judges in the Old Testament, and I think it is well placed. After all the stories of battles and atrocities, some described quite graphically, it’s a relief to lose yourself in a little romance, and that’s what the Book of Ruth is – […]

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