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The nutmeg chronicles, Part 3

Hello once again, gentle readers. Here’s a quick recap of The Nutmeg Chronicles, parts 1 and 2. Two years ago I swallowed some uncooked nutmeg that caused what I can only describe as a burn to my esophagus and stomach. This necessitated several visits to different medical professionals, but no one seemed inclined to do […]

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The nutmeg chronicles Part 2

So, once we returned home after my scope, I heeded the recovery room nurse and looked up “erosive gastritis” on the internet. Bad idea. I read for a bit, had a little cry, then went to find The Mister. “It’s irreversible,” I said. “You can manage it, but it can’t be completely cured.” The Mister […]

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The nutmeg chronicles, Part 1

Interesting day, this past Monday. I had a gastroscope – where they stick a tube down your throat into your stomach to see what the heck is goin’ on down there. It took me two years to finally get the procedure, and it all started with nutmeg. Breakfast, one morning in March 2014, I was […]

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