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Happy New Mattress!

Yup, you read that right.  The mister and I decided to start off the New Year with a new mattress.  Our other one wasn’t all that old, but both of us had been noticing various aches and pains, especially in the morning, and with the lack of other suspects, we decided to blame the mattress.  Besides, although that mattress was a pillow top, it was a pillow on top of springs.  So, it was time to try foam.

Off we went to the local mattress emporium, and I wasted no time plopping down on the first foam mattress in the display room.  Now, I’d never had any dealings with foam mattresses in the past, so I was unprepared for the experience.  “Oh Papa Bear,” I complained, “this bed is much too har…oh!”

What a lovely (and surprising) sensation to feel your prospective mattress gently give way to accommodate your Netherlands!  “You like?” it seemed to whisper.  “Then take me home, Mama Bear.”

We were only supposed to price mattresses that day, not buy, that foamy piece of heaven had us at “har…oh!”  Turns out, the price had been greatly reduced for end of the year shoppers, and that was the last day they were offering to pay the taxes on the mattress and the mattress cover.  Sold!

We’ve been enjoying it for the past two nights, and except for the rather unpleasant foam smell, (which we’ve been assured will dissipate in a few days) we’ve both been enjoying much better sleep.

A belated Christmas present to us both.

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    What a great blog

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    Nice to read your blog

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