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This stuff actually works! (Part 1)

I know it’s been a while, children, and for that I apologize, but my my! hasn’t the place been hoppin’ lately! In spite of it all though, The Magdalene Poems are progressing quite nicely, thank you. But today’s post is about the power of Divine Order.

I’ve been reading the book, Outrageous Openness, by Tosha Silver, which made such a huge impression on me I just had to spread the word. The subtitle is, Letting the Divine Take the Lead, and it is full of incredible, wonderful, awesome, and just plain nifty stories of how much easier and more marvelous our lives can become if we would just invoke Divine Order more often. I thought I pretty much had a handle on this kind of thing in my own life…until a week ago.

You may remember that one of my Magdalene Poems has been “translated” into a painting that will be shown at the Scattered Ecstasies Event later on this month at Sho Gallery. The painter, Danah Beaulieu, informed me a week or so ago that the painting was nearing completion and did I want to see it before she took it to Sho on September 2nd? I couldn’t get away, so I said no, but I couldn’t wait to see it on the 19th. A couple days later, I’m chuffing away on my treadmill, where I sometimes am set aglow with inspiration and not just sweat, and I felt a strong urge to buy her painting, sight unseen. I knew at least one of the paintings from previous events had sold and I couldn’t bear the idea that someone else might take away the painting my poem had inspired. I also knew how much that painting had gone for, and I thought I could handle a comparable price. So I fired off an email and asked Danah if she would sell “The Pulse” to me. She was absolutely delighted and promised to get back to me with the price as soon as she was done. Not long after, she did and that’s when I learned the price would be considerably more than I was expecting. But I had made an oral contract with her and I wanted that Magdalene painting with a soul longing. So I told her okie-dokie, I’ll pay you the night of the event at Sho, figuring this would give God some time to work a financial wonder.

I’m not a stranger to financial wonders. There was a trip The Mister and I simply couldn’t afford until two generous souls covered all our expenses. We lost our car after it was slammed by a chip truck, only to drive home in a “free” one exactly two weeks later, paid for by my inheritance which came in at exactly the right time. We racked up two grand in medical bills which were covered, with something like $1.70 to spare, by a writing grant. I reminded myself of all these wonders and said, “I really felt it was You inspiring me to buy this painting. If it is, then you’ll see me through this. And if it’s not, could you see me through it anyway?”

Then I put a message in my God Box. Tosha (oh yeah, we’re on a first name basis now!) suggests putting your concerns on paper and pop them into some kind of container. If the worry keeps bugging you, you’re to say “It’s in the box” and let it go. To quote – “During the period of offering, solutions often spontaneously arise. When the mind is no longer grasping for an answer, space opens. The Box gives room for a Divine plan…” I wrote on a slip of paper: “I know the money (and I specified the amount) for the Magdalene painting is on the way and will arrive at the perfect time from my Divine Source, and I thank You for it in advance.”

I popped the paper in the God Box, and went to bed.

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    If everyone wrote like this, the internet would be amazing.

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