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A little less of me

Now, I know what you’re thinking. That nasty ole Penny-Anne is bragging about losing a few pounds. Well so what? Big deal! And just who does she think she is anyway?!
Steady, gentle reader. I have not, sadly, lost any weight, and that remains a mysterious and ongoing struggle for me. But I did cut my hair! Those of you who know me to see me, know that my hair has been halfway down my back or longer for decades. Usually, I’d wear it up in a bun during the day and then braid it at night until finally I said, “What is this, Little House on the Prairie? Maybe it’s time to try something other than the “Pioneer Woman look.” So, before I could talk myself out of it, I grabbed the scissors and chopped off a couple of handfuls.
Lo and behold my straight, straight hair went curly, curly, curly! The women in my choir say I look ten years younger! One of them said I looked like a teenager, but, well, her loves me! The new do feels good and looks good, and when asked how he liked it, The Mister replied, “That’s a keeper, Missus.”
‘Nuff said.

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