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Catching up

If you were to judge my life by the past four months, you’d never know I was a writer.

It’s been goofy, friends, absolutely goofy.  And since I don’t care to be alone in my goofiness, here’s an update:  first, and happily, The Mister and I are about three pounds below our goal weight, so we’ve cut our fast days back to one a week.  I’ve dropped 18 pounds from my heaviest, and this led to my discovering some strange anomalies during my breast self-exam – they turned out to be ribs.  That’s right.  There was so much fat on my torso, I couldn’t feel my ribs during my exam.  Gave me a start I’ll admit, but all is well.

Secondly, the front yard is completely restored after our plumbing “intervention”.  Or as restored as it’s going to get until Spring.  There’s still some bald patches and unevenness, but the overall picture is green and that’s what we were shooting for, so yay us!  We may do some reseeding and leveling in the Spring, but chances are just as good we won’t.  Like I said, it’s green, so it ain’t broke.

Third, our church is now sans minister (she retired) and sans choir director (she’s caring for her seriously ill husband).  A substitute director has very generously stepped in to fill the gap at least until Christmas, and a string of guest preachers are taking their turn in the pulpit until the Search Committee finds our new pastor.  Last I heard, we’ve had something like six or seven applicants, which is pretty amazing for such a small church in such a small town, so once again, yay us!

One of our parishoners suffered a debilitating stroke and The Mister, our parish nurse and I have been accompanying him through the medical system and the long road to rehabilitation.  We have witnessed some outstanding examples of compassion and caring, and some unfathomable instances of stupidity.  But overall, the balance has tipped toward compassion, so it’s good.  This has been a journey for all four of us.  I’ve experience moments of profound understanding, and times when I could kick myself for a chance missed, or a judgement too hastily rendered.  But that’s part of the learning process too.

Finally, I’ve done next to no writing.  Church work, yes, housework, yes (I know, right?!), but writing, no.  But I trust, make that I know, this is only temporary.  I long to come back to it, and I will, when the time is right.  In the meantime, I can look back on the past four months, all I’ve accomplished, and smile.  I did some good work.  And the time is coming (soon, I think) when you’ll look at my life and say, “Oh that’s right – she’s a writer!”

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