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Clearing the decks

I’m currently reading The Magic Path of Intuition by Florence Scovel Shinn. I’m reading it because Tosha Silver mentions her as one of her mentors in her own book, Outrageous Openness – (see “This stuff actually works, parts 1 and 2” below). Surprisingly, Ms. Scovel Shinn published her books in the 1920’s, though you wouldn’t know it since everything she writes has a timeless ring about it…well, almost everything.

“Honey, do we have any blotting paper?”

The Mister poked his head around the corner

“Say again?”

“Blotting paper.”

“I haven’t seen blotting paper since I was a kid in grade school.”

“Huh,” I replied. “Did they have schools back when you were a kid?”

He made a face. “You’re hilarious. Why do you need blotting paper?”

“Well, Florence says, and I quote, ‘Keep your desk in order. Have fresh blotting paper handy. There is nothing like fresh blotting paper for attracting big checks.’ I wouldn’t mind attracting big checks, so what would be the modern equivalent of blotting paper?”

He thought for a moment then shrugged.


I gasped! “We gotta try that! Let’s put a roll on my desk and see if it is indeed ‘the quicker picker upper’ – check-wise.”

“Maybe you should try cleaning off your desk and see where that gets you. After all, that was her first suggestion, wasn’t it?”

Oh crumb! Yes, that was her first suggestion Mr Smarty Britches, and surveying my desk I had to admit there really wasn’t any place to put a paper towel, much less a roll of the stuff. But if I clean off my desk, then I’ll have to organize my bookshelves too.

Yep, a little voice replied.

I’ll have to delve into all those piles of papers on the floor and Lord only knows what’s taken up residence behind them.

Lord only knows, the voice agreed.

And if I do that, then I may as well do a purge and cleanse of the whole office.

May as well.

But that could take days!

Sure could. Better get started then.

Shut up, little voice.

Shutting up.

It took two days and I still need to organize my desk drawers and a small shelf beside my reading chair. Except for that, everywhere I cast my eye there is blessed order and cleanliness. I organized, I dusted, I vacuumed, and I steam cleaned the floor. The office is gorgeous.

And it struck me that this is the latest in a list of atypical behaviours for me of late. My accounts are up to date. I was behind by six months (not unusual for me) when I suddenly knew I had to take care of that. Surprisingly, it took very little time and effort. Then I made a big investment in a painting simply because I thought the Universe wanted me to have it. No, I knew the Universe wanted me to have it. And now I’ve cleaned my office within an inch of its life. So, like, what gives?

I’m coming to the end of The Magdalene Poems. I’m thinking maybe a half dozen more poems, but they are pivotal, I sense they’re going to be large, and I’m struggling to give them voice. Now, when I’m so close to the end, this is when I need to clear away the clutter, physical and metaphysical, remove all the energy blocks, open up the windows and doors. I feel I’ve “cleared the decks for Divine action,” as Florence says, and in a way honoured my Muse, my Magdalene, at the same time. I think I’m ready to go quiet and write.

With or without blotting paper. :-)

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