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Death and The Mister

It’s been a heartbreaking time – two funerals in as many days, one a dear friend and sister choir member.  The church was packed and condolence messages poured in from all over, a wonderful tribute to a gentle and unassuming woman who never uttered a word against anyone nor ever had anyone utter a word against her.  Six weeks ago, she was singing with us in the choir.  Now her absence is so keenly felt, it seems unthinkable that we will have to move on without her.

The other funeral was for a veteran, the brother of my brother-in-law.  The ceremony was so dignified, with full military honours, and our former pastor, the chaplain of the Legion, officiating.  It was held at 7:30 pm., an unsual time for a funeral I thought, and the late time led to this conversation with the Mister the day before the funeral:

The Mister:  “After the funeral, I’ll drive you home, then I’ll go back for the reception at the Legion.”

Me:  “OK.”

Then, driving down to the funeral…

The Mister:  “I’m not sure I’ll go to the Legion afterward.”

Me:  “OK.”

Then at the funeral…

Colleen (relative of the deceased):  “Are you coming to the Legion?”

Me:  “No.”

Rick (friend of the deceased):  Are you coming to the Legion?”

The Mister:  “Yes.”

Me:  “Yes?”

The Mister:  “Yes.”

Me:  “OK.”

Then at home…

Me:  “I’ve noticed you’ve taken off your hat and coat, chucked your tie, planted your butt in your TV watchin’ chair, and are stuffing your face with trail mix.  I gather you’re not going to the Legion?”

The Mister:  “No.”

Me:  “Ooooh kaaaaay.”

So you see gentle reader, whatever else may happen, The Mister can always be counted on to keep me on my toes.  ‘Scuse me while I go lie down.  I feel a headache coming on.

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