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Diet update

Good news, gentle readers!  I have lost all the weight I needed to, and now think I’ll lose a few more pounds to put me at the low end of my ideal weight range.  The Mister too has done beautifully on the Fast Diet and receives flattering comments and admiring glances wherever he goes.  In fact, he’s coming close to the point where he may have to limit himself to one fast day a week if he loses too much more.  (I haven’t reached that point yet.)

The Mister and I enjoy playing a game of cribbage after lunch every day and yesterday he noticed I was fussing with my clothes.

“What’s the problem there, Missus?”

“My panties must be getting stretched out or something.  I don’t remember them riding this high around my waist.  It’s really uncomfortable.”

The Mister moved his toothpick to the other side of his mouth.

“It’s cuz of all the weight you’ve lost,” he said.

“Say what now?”

“Well, your belly getting flatter, so your, uh, unmentionables are slipping up higher since there’s no fat to keep ’em on the down-low, so to speak.”

“You really think so?”

“You bet.  Keep losing weight like this and pretty soon you’ll be able to haul your panties over your boobs and wear ’em as a one-piece.”

Uh huh.

‘Til next time, gentle readers.

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