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Good week!

Very nice week just passed.

My nephew, who had been looking for a job for ever so long, has landed himself a dandy! Great rejoicing all round!

I finished ALL my sermons and orders of service for summer, and am still wondering what to do with all this free time on my hands! I exaggerate. It’s interesting how quickly and easily free time gets filled in spite of ourselves. But starting next week, it’s back to The Magdalene Poems and I’m so excited – got three poems duking it out in my head now. Be good to get them down on paper.

Went for my yearly physical with a nurse practitioner this time. I love NPs. Whereas a doctor might take 15, possibly 20 minutes to a physical, my NP took an hour. She listened to my concerns and questions and changed the blood requisition when I suggested a good rationale for additional tests. And the blood work was very good too! Confirmation that my exercise and diet routines are paying off. And speaking of which, yes, The Mister and I are still on the Fast Diet, only we’re fasting one day a week since we both reached our goal weights…and then some! (I got into my first pair of skinny jeans this week! Woo hoo!) The NP was very positive about the diet, took down the name of the book and said it was something she might try and suggest to her clients. She said it sounded like the fasting “reboots” the body. I think that’s a very good description.

Also got my teeth checked yesterday, and discovered that my gum recession has not only halted, it’s reversing! A couple months ago I learned the vision in my left eye has improved. It would seem parts of me are growing younger. Can’t wait til the rest of me catches up! :-)

And to top it all off, I’ve sold three copies of “holy cards: dead women talking” in two weeks! And received a sterling review on from a sister poet. Not bad for a book that’s four years old! I am grateful and pleased beyond words!

All in all, a VERY good week! Hope yours was the same!

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