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If tomorrow never comes

They say the world might end tomorrow. It might, but I’m thinking the chances are slim. Still, this has got me to thinking that sooner or later my world IS going to end, and maybe I should take the opportunity today to give thanks for what has been an amazingly good life. I had parents who modeled strong ethical values and courage to me, and siblings who helped me negotiate the smooth and rocky paths of life, and are still there to support me when I need it. I met the love of my life when I was 700 miles from home, and thirteen years later almost to the day, we were married. He has made it his mission in life to make me laugh every day – and not some lady-like giggle, but a good, old, thigh-slapping, punch-him-in-the-shoulder-cuz-I-can’t-breathe belly-laugh. And he has met this goal just about every day. Even more importantly, he gave this wandering heart of mine a home, and was gracious enough to tell me I did the same for him. I have friends who would go to the wall for me, or with me, should it come to that. I have accomplished my life-long dream of becoming a writer and publishing a book. I have sung solos, given readings, addressed the town council, preached sermons, and once even taught a class in feminist theology, so help me! I’ve achieved a Master’s Degree in pastoral ministry. I’ve seen the Northern Lights, Touchdown Jesus, and a crop circle. I have disappeared into books so amazing I never wanted to come back out. I taught myself to play guitar, bake bread (without a bread machine) and navigate the internet (to a degree). I’ve met so many people who have made me want to be a better person myself.

And my dear FaceBook buddies, you have made my life so rich. Every day you lift me up and inspire me with your stories, your posts, your “Like’s”, “Comments,” and “Shares.” I am blessed to have found you, honoured to have been part of your community, and hopeful that I have given something back to you.

You are part of the reason why, if tomorrow never comes, I will step with unfettered delight into whatever it is that comes next.

And if we’re all still here tomorrow, well, that’ll be nice too.

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