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So what’s my excuse this time?

Ahoy, gentle readers!  I know I’ve been gone an unforgivably long time, and you deserve to know why.

One day about a month ago my computer refused to boot.  It seemed to want to start up, but then it was as if it said, “Naw.  I’m too tired.  It’s been a long six years.  I’m taking a break.”

Well fine!

So I packed ‘er up (yes, my computer is female) and took her to my neighbour who just happens to be a computer tech.  Unfortunately, he was swamped with work and the days dragged past while I tried to make do with my glacially slow backup computer.  After three or so weeks, I couldn’t standi it no more,  chuffed on out to Staples and bought me a brand newie.  Everything is so nice and shiny and fast.  :-)  But nothing on my new computer is where it was on my old one.  So I’m having to learn a new system (Windows 8) and it’s taking some time.  They did give me a 30 minute tutorial in the store, but by minute 15 I stared to glaze over, and I’m afraid I didn’t absorb much.  But I’m making progress teaching myself and as my friend Martha Stewart would say, “That’s a good thing.”

I do have news fer y’all, but it will have to keep until next time.  Being away from the web site so long has meant a ton of spam needs clearing out – to the tune of about 3,000 of the little beggars.  That’s going to keep me busy for a spell.

But I promise to come back soon…good Lord willin’.

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