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Those who see beyond

Last week, I received a “mini-reading” from a medical intuitive.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but simply found the cost prohibitive.  Then I came across an ad for Alison Anton on FaceBook for a free mini-reading if you “liked” her page.  So like it, I did.

It took a few days for her to get back to me, but when she did, she gave me a reading full of hope.  For the past seven years, since I came off HRT, I’ve been struggling with severe menopausal symptoms, especially hot flashes.  The last couple of years have seen a marked improvement, and some days now I experience very few “power surges.”  (Today unfortunately, is not one of those days, but tomorrow will be better.)  However, I was disappointed that after so long my hormones still weren’t balanced.

Alison told me that my upper chakras were quite active, and there was a beautiful turquoise energy in the 6th chakra and some gold sparks coming off the pituitary gland.  This brightness and activity she found “quite healthy.”  She said she could see that I had “done some work” in past lives and present life to get to this active space in the higher centers and that “there’s a natural flow here that is willing and able to communicate to the rest of the chakras and glands.”  She encouraged me to use my spirit to communicate with my body and gave me a visualization exercise to help me achieve that.  Lovely!

Then something I wasn’t expecting – she said my early hysterectomy was “an opportunity to validate this higher communication…and THAT can direct your female energy correctly in the body.”  Well!  That’s the first time I’d ever thought of my hysterectomy as an “opportunity.”  I’m still letting that thought roll around in my brain.

But what I took from this was that it’s my spiritual energy that will heal my physical self.  So anything I can do to strengthen my spirit will show in my increasing bodily health.  I had that backwards.  I thought, strengthen the body, then work on the spirit.  But no, grasshopper, it’s all connected.  And how do I strengthen my spirit?  Well, meditation and positive thinking help, as well as reading insightful books.  But I’m convinced that acts of generosity and service also go a long way towards spiritual healing.  They’ve determined that a single helpful action benefits three people – the one who performs it, the one who receives it, and the one who witnesses it.  And what is the benefit?  All three experience an increase in endorphins and serotonin levels.  From the spirit to the body!

My profound thanks to Alison and her insights.  My hope was flagging, but now it’s flying high!

Her web site –

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