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What I’m doing on my summer vacation

Going to school mostly.  And learning all about writing.

A while back, I mentioned that I’d won a book in a contest Vanessa Shields was running on her website.  It was called “Writing Down the Bones” by Natalie Goldberg.  I just finished it a couple days ago, and it was wonderful!  Reading that book changed my process – the way a writer creates – and I didn’t think that was possible!  But I am writing differently now, less self-consciously, and that is just so exciting!  I highly recommend this book to any writer, especially if they feel blocked or maybe just a little flat.

A couple weeks later, I won another book from, this one entitled “Becoming A Writer,” by Dorothea Brande, a book described by Julia Cameron (“The Artist’s Way”)  as the best book on writing she’s ever found – high praise indeed.  Can’t wait to get into that one!  And speaking of Julia Cameron, I finally read “The Artist’s Way,” re-released to celebrate its twentieth anniversary.  It was so affirming, I felt like dear Julia was at my elbow saying, “Now, there’s nothing to worry about.  You’re doing fine.  Just relax and take good care of yourself!”  What every writer needs to hear!

And then last week, my winning ways continued when I garnered “Magnified World,” a (first) novel by Grace O’Connell.  I won this from in their weekly giveaway.  It’s free to register and a book is given away every week, so check it out.  “Magnified World” is not a book about writing, but a novel, but since it came to me free of charge, I know it has something important to say to me right now.

So you see why I feel like I’ve been taking a course in creative writing this summer?  The authors of these books, my teachers, are (or were) the best in the business, and I’m just soaking up all their wisdom and encouragement!

And besides all that, my books and tuition are free!

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